Web sites

I design and code Web sites for individuals and small organizations. Talk to me if you have a specific purpose in mind for your site and want to avoid the cookie-cutter look of most sites. I specialize in helping you communicate your message clearly and gracefully, without unnecessary distractions. Here's what I offer:
  (bullet) Attention to your individual goals, ideas, and preferences
  (bullet) A unique look - custom graphics, custom page design
  (bullet) Help with presenting your content so that it speaks to the people you want to reach
Logos and graphics

I also design identity packages (logos, business cards, stationery, packaging) for individuals and small organizations. Even the smallest enterprises need a consistent, recognizable look that customers can instantly identify.

I've designed a lot of logos for individuals and organizations, both locally and nationally. I also create posters and other publicity materials, mostly for local events.

Website portfolio
Logo/graphics portfolio

(pointer) To talk with me about website design, an identity
package, or other graphics for yourself or your
organization, call me at (970) 492-3772 or email
me at